Presidential candidates blame Bolsonaro for the new fuel increase

posted on 06/18/2022 06:00

  (credit: Ricardo Stuckert)

(credit: Ricardo Stuckert)

Pre-candidates for the Presidency of the Republic criticized the new fuel price adjustment announced yesterday by Petrobras. The candidates for the Planalto also took the opportunity to attack the administration of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), who is seeking reelection.

“Bolsonaro’s gasoline, which he said was going to go down, has already announced a new increase. He invented that the solution is to reduce the ICMS (Tax on the Circulation of Goods and Services), but all he will do is reduce the money for education and health in the states”, said former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva ( PT), during a meeting, in Maceió, with artists and representatives of the cultural sector.

Lula also criticized Bolsonaro’s lack of action to change Petrobras’ pricing policy. “The (former president of Petrobras) Pedro Parente, with a stroke of the pen, decided that he was going to establish the PPI, international price parity, and the President of the Republic says he cannot change? What kind of president is this?” he asked.

Former Ceará governor Ciro Gomes, a pre-candidate for the PDT, called Bolsonaro “lax” and mocked the president’s request for the opening of a parliamentary commission of inquiry (CPI) to investigate the state-owned company.

“Bolsonaro is in his throes. He has just announced that he has asked Lira (the president of the Chamber, Arthur Lira) for a CPI to investigate the Petrobras board that he himself appointed”, he fired. “He is the one who needs the CPI. By the way, impeachment.”

According to Ciro, “since they don’t have the intelligence or courage to change Petrobras’ pricing policy, Bolsonaro and his gang now make a show of fighting and cursing.” “Pure electoral demagoguery and a lot of despair. The despair is total because they know that a simple readjustment decreed by the company overturns the supposed positive effects of the ICMS reduction”, he emphasized. “In other words, the population will be doubly punished because they will have less money for education and health along with high prices for gasoline, diesel and gas. Perfect storm.”

He classified the adjustment as “absurd and mockery” and that the state-owned company is “insensitive to the suffering of the people”.

MDB pre-candidate, senator Simone Tebet, in turn, said that “whoever wants to solves it”. “Those who don’t want to blame others. The Federal Constitution provides solutions, in the plural, to reduce the price of fuels in exceptional situations such as now, creating extraordinary credit or using Union dividends”, she maintained. “That would help to have fuel at compatible prices, even when there is an international shortage. Of course, all with transparency, respect for contracts and no corruption.”

Tebet also defended subsidies for diesel for those who depend on it to work, such as truck drivers, and for cooking gas, for those who cannot afford it. The candidate for the Planalto highlighted, however, that the solution to the problem “will, in the future, involve expanding the national refining capacity”.

Deputy André Janones, a pre-candidate for Avante, said that “the government’s attacks on Petrobras is the first case of opposition to itself recorded in the country”.

“The theater to attack Petrobras, as if the government were not responsible for it, does not work”, he stressed. “It doesn’t have the courage to act on pricing policy, sells our crude oil tax-free, doesn’t generate interest for investment in refineries in the country and practically donates our ethanol.”

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