Protect Investments in the Medium Term

To invest in the medium term with the aim of buying the dreamed new car, where should you invest your money so as not to have the money eroded by the inflation of the period? No Chat with Specialist, live program from UOL, financial planner and investor Viviane Ferreira says hybrid bonds are a good option for maturities of more than four years. It shows what they are.

Read her explanation and watch the program excerpt below. Chat with Specialist is a question-answer about investments exclusively for subscribers and is broadcast fortnightly, on Thursdays, from 15:00 to 16:00.

Hybrid bonds for terms of more than 4 years

Viviane says that, for investments within a period of three to four years, the recommendation is to invest your money in more conservative and safe securities, such as CDB.

“Within the maturity period of three years or more, you will find CDBs with better profitability, because you will not need liquidity and you can leave the money for longer”, he says. According to her, it is possible to find CDBs that pay above 100% of the CDI.

For longer maturities, over four years, it is recommended to invest in hybrid bonds, linked to the IPCA. These are IPCA+ Treasury bonds. “This type of title will pay the inflation of the period plus a premium with a fixed value”, he says.

On the Tesouro Direto platform, you can find the Treasury IPCA+ 2026 (four years): it is paying inflation plus a fixed bonus of 5.54% per year.

“This means that, if you invest in this security, it will yield inflation plus 5.54% a year every year. If inflation is 10%, it will yield 10% plus 5.54% a year; if inflation 5%, it will yield 5% plus 5.54% per year. So, it will protect your money”, he declares.

Therefore, says the financial planner, this type of bond will always be yielding inflation plus the contracted bonus.

The Right Treasury has other IPCA+ Treasury bonds with longer maturities available: 2035 and 2045. “IPCA+ bonds are indicated for longer maturities.”

It is worth mentioning that the investment conditions mentioned here refer to June 2nd. Fees may vary from day to day.

Selling before the deadline can bring losses

Viviane says that it is possible to sell the title before the maturity date, but this can cause a loss.

This is because the security is subject to mark-to-market, as there is a lot of fluctuation. If the market is not in favor of this security, it is possible that you will sell at a loss.
Viviane Ferreira, financial planner and investor

However, she says, if you stay until maturity, you will receive the combined yield. “This is the commitment that the government made with you when it bought this title. This profitability is contracted”, she says.

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