Proximity to European countries represents opportunities “to guarantee all Ukrainians a modern and prosperous life”, says Zelensky – Observer

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Volodymyr Zelensky’s daily speech focused on Ukraine’s accession to the European Union, with the President of Ukraine saying that the country is “a step away” of this happening. “The only thing left is to wait for the decision of the European Council next week,” he declared.

“Ukrainian values ​​are European values. Ukrainian democratic habits have not yet lost their power”, he underlined, adding that the country’s rapprochement with the European Union is not “only positive” for Ukraine: “This is the biggest contribution to Europe’s future in many years“.

And I want to emphasize that Ukraine’s European integration is not something purely political, it is not something separate from the lives of ordinary people. On the contrary. The closer we are to other European countries, the more opportunities we have to guarantee all Ukrainians a modern and prosperous life,” she added.

The Head of State considers that another event also marks this Friday – in Zelensky’s words, the form is “interesting” “how the course of history chooses the moment for important decisions”: The government of Ukraine has abolished the agreement on the visa-free regime with Russia, which will come into force from 1 July. “Russia itself has done everything to destroy any ties with Ukraine. Well, we are doing everything to make our ties with Europe as strong as possible”.


Zelensky also took stock of the week, which he defined as “extremely useful for Ukraine”, highlighting this Friday’s visit by Boris Johnson to Kiev, with which he discussed the situation on the front line and ways to achieve victory, liberation. doctor “Tayra” — captured on March 16 by Russian troops — and US military aid.

Doctor Yulia “Tayra” Payevska has been released. She had been captured by Russian forces on March 16

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