Rafa Kalimann and Bruninho, from volleyball, exchange kisses at an event

In recent days, speculations have gained strength on social media around a possible involvement between digital influencer and former BBB Rafa Kalimann and player Bruno Rezende, Bruninho of the Brazilian volleyball team. The column had access to an exclusive video that shows the two kissing. The moment happened in public, without the worry of being seen.


The rumors related to the two started after being present at an event in São Paulo in the early hours of Friday (17/6).

Less than a week ago, on Valentine’s Day, Rafa Kalimann lamented the lack of company on the special date. “I released on close friends that if any single friend is in São Paulo, we can have dinner and join forces on this special day without expectations of single friends. Nobody answered”, joked the digital influencer.

by Daniel Neblina

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