Rafa Kalimann denies rumors that he would be Boninho’s lover; she understand

Rafa Kalimann spoke about rumors of being Boninho's lover (TV Globo)

Rafa Kalimann spoke about rumors of being Boninho’s lover (TV Globo)

news summary:

  • Rafa Kalimann denied rumors that he would be Boninho’s lover

  • Ex-BBB spoke about machismo

  • Artist commented on betrayal she suffered from her ex-husband

Rafa Kalimann talked about the rumors that he would be Boninho’s lover. Globo’s core director is responsible for “BBB”, reality in which the influencer participated in 2020, and was also the one who boosted her career as a presenter in projects at the station.

“We are in 2022 and there are still people who belittle a woman’s work. I’ve read comments asking who I was giving to be there at Globo. I saw the gossip, I got angry and the tendency was to let it go because this type of news would not even reach some people”, he told the newspaper “O Globo”.

“So, I prefer to keep quiet, not give Ibope, but I decided to record some stories because this has to stop. You don’t have to keep putting women in the place of the lover, of doing something unethical to get a job. And it was very positive. “, he stated.

Rafa Kalimann comments on betrayal that ended his marriage

Also in the interview, Rafa Kalimann recalled the betrayal she suffered from her ex-husband, Rodolffo. “I found out about one of the betrayals and ended it. After that, everyone came telling me a lot of jumping about him. He got a beltrana, he got a girl… the whole city knew. It was very traumatic. I was very sick for six months”, he reported. .

“Our breakup had a prior warning. I discovered the betrayal, he accepted the betrayal, said he wanted to change, we stayed together, but I was disenchanted. This process was good. It was good because we lived that grief together. A year later, I sent a message to him saying that everything was fine, that I wanted to be his friend”, she said.

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