Real Life Round 6 Is Looking For Candidates To Compete For $4.56 Million Prize

One of the most overwhelming successes in the entire history of Netflixthe South Korean series round 6 won many fans around the world. Currently, Netflix intends to create a reality show that simulates the events of the series. Curious about the real life round 6? Then check out this article in its entirety!

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Round 6, the South Korean phenomenon

Launched in 2021, the famous K-Drama had 111 million hits during its initial days of release. With flashy colors and an original script based on children’s games, the series was one of the most watched productions throughout 2021. Despite having a high rating due to scenes of violence, the series has become a phenomenon among the youngest. And, with that, many of the games presented in the production were adapted and implemented by children in their daily lives.

the reality show

If you followed the series and saw this news about the reality show, a specific question must be running through your mind: “but what about the mortality of games?” For those who haven’t watched Round 6, here’s a small spoiler: players who failed to win the pranks suffered terrible consequences.

But do not worry! During the reality, no contestant will suffer damage, at most will return home without the grand prize. Organizers are looking for 456 competitors from all over the world to compete for a $4.56 million prize. Among the main requirements to participate in the program are:

  • Be at least 21 years old;
  • Agree to participate in 4 weeks of recordings;
  • Be willing to travel to the places the competition requires.

This announcement was made by Netflix through its social networks last Tuesday and the premiere date of the reality has not yet been announced.

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