Robot finds ‘something unexpected’ on the surface of Mars

posted on 06/17/2022 22:13 / updated on 06/17/2022 22:15

  (credit: Reproduction / NASA)

(credit: Reproduction / NASA)

The Perseverance robot found on the surface of Mars “something unusual”, according to the US space agency, Nasa. A silvery piece of garbage, trapped between rocks, caught the attention of those responsible for the mission, who said they believed that it was the thermal blanket used to protect the device during the landing.

But what impressed the scientists was that the material found was 2 km from the equipment’s landing site, and the robot has been walking on the surface of the planet for a year. It is not known if the material fell there and stayed there or if it was pushed by winds.

“My team detected something unexpected: it’s a piece of a thermal blanket that they think may have come from my descent stage, the rocket-powered jetpack that dropped me off on landing day in 2021,” the official Perseverance account tweeted.

NASA’s Mars Exploration Program mission seeks to understand the development of the planet and the processes that have shaped the Martian surface over the years, as well as to assess the possibility that, at some point in history, living beings could have existed there.

Such research can help to make a manned trip to the red planet in the future.

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