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Real estate funds continue with DY higher than Selic, says survey (Image: PXHere/RuslanCh)

the industry of real estate funds (FIIs) has grown exponentially over the past four years, jumping from 208,000 investors in 2018 to 1.68 million in May 2022.

This growth is partially attributed to the downward movement of the base interest rate (Selic)which reached its historic low of 2% per year in August 2020, aligned with the characteristics of the FIIs themselves: monthly payment of dividends exempt from income tax.

With the increase in the Selic rate, which today is at 13.25% per yearquestions about the risk-return relationship of FIIs are beginning to gain strength, as fixed income assets benefit from higher interest rates.

However, a survey of TC Economicsprepared by the platform manager Einar Riveroshows that the dividend yield of at least 18 funds exceeds the current Selic.

The research considered only the real estate funds that make up the ifix, the industry’s benchmark, with a closing date of June 16. Check out the top 10 top earners below.

BackgroundtickerDividend Yield*
Valora Hedge FundVGHF1117.91%
Urca Prime IncomeURPR1116.94%
Riza Arctium Real EstateARCT1116.28%
Valora CRI Price IndexVGIP1115.77%
Reit atriumARRI1115.68%
AF Invest CRIAFHI1115.08%
Kinea Price IndexKNIP1114.98%
Vectis Real InterestVCJR1114.93%
REC ReceivablesREC1114.70%

*Dividend yield in the last 12 months.

Basing investment decision solely on dividend is looking in the rearview mirror, says analyst

Although monthly earnings are considered the greatest attraction of FIIs, especially for the individual investor, a specialist heard by the Money Times warns that other criteria need to be analyzed to avoid frustrations.

For Ronaldo Candiev, a real estate fund analyst, “basing the investment decision solely on the dividend is looking in the rearview mirror”. The specialist in FIIs explains that the analysis should be more comprehensive, seeking to understand the origin of the income.

Candiev clarifies, for example, that the last dividend distributed by a REIF may relate to an asset that was sold in that period or even to a Lease agreement that is about to end.

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