see 4 new options for not being held hostage by Uber and 99

The Uber and 99 transport apps are part of the daily life of Brazilians, available in cities of different sizes in all states of the country. Despite the high capillarity, they are not the only options for those who need to call a car by cell phone.

Check out four apps with the same functionality, but with completely different user experiences.

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Available in several Brazilian capitals and cities, InDriver is proposed to be up to 20% cheaper than other platforms. The main difference is that the passenger is the one who sets the price of the route and, based on the offer, drivers interested in the route make counter-proposals or accept the ride.

During the negotiation, the user receives the profile with travel information and car model of all drivers who are interested in their trip and chooses what suits them best.

For drivers, the company says that the advantage is that the payment made to the platform for the service is lower than that of competitors, being 9.5%, on average.

lady drive

Another transport app with a different proposal is Lady Drive, which connects female drivers with female passengers, children and the elderly. Unlike what happens on other platforms, trips are pre-scheduled and can be shared.

You can choose, for example, to share your child’s trip with a neighbor child. There is also a modality in which transport is done only by drivers who are mothers, to give parents more peace of mind.

According to the app, shared rides are cheaper than single rides on competing platforms. The service is available in 100 Brazilian cities.

Waze Carpool

Waze Carpool is not exactly a service, but a carpooling app, designed to connect people who have common or similar daily destinations, such as residents of the same neighborhood who work in the same region of the city. Scheduling is also planned and the price is agreed between the driver and the passenger, or rather, ride.

In practice, the driver willing to give rides fills in a form with his route, which appears for people who want the transport. From there, they agree on a fair price and set up a meeting point. It is available in all cities with Waze coverage.

Fast Car Rio

Available in Rio de Janeiro, Fast Car Rio was developed by drivers from other apps to optimize employee earnings. Unlike Uber and 99, the driver pays a monthly fee to maintain the platform, not a percentage of rides.

For the user, the use is similar to that of traditional platforms, but the company guarantees that the rates are cheaper.

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