Simaria polemicizes when saying IN THE FACE of Leo Dias what he thinks of his work: “Interview”

Simaria gives something to talk about after dismissing Leo Dias’ work: “Interview” (Image: Reproduction / YouTube)

Controversy Alert! The interview given by simaria to the journalist Leo Dias continues to generate a lot of subject in the media.

As if all the fuss involving the statements that the singer gave about her personal life wasn’t enough, now another part of the article has given rise to talk.

In it, the sister of Simone appears supposedly demeaning – in an unintentional way – the work of the columnist of the portal Metrópoles.

It turns out that while venting about his fight with his sister, Simaria ended up classifying the chat with Leo as a “little interview”.

“If one day it happens [da dupla acabar], I’m not going to give an interview here. I go on the highest-rated show in the country to advertise.” fired, referring to comments that the partnership with Simone would be numbered.

“I’m going to a place of honor and glory, and give a decent interview with Simone and say: ‘My people, this is where our cycle ends’”added.

The part of the interview, as it could not be different, generated a lot of repercussion. His glow disappeared instantly.“, mocked an internet user.His face not understanding, not believing what he’s hearing, the brain bugstressed another.

“He belittled Leo in the face. That’s why Simone tells her to shut up… still reflected a third person.


Simaria talks about relationship with Simone

Simone and Simaria, it’s no secret, are going through a delicate moment and with many disagreements. In conversation with Leo Dias, Simaria talked about the controversy that happened in Caruru, in which she was late for a show.

“I feel like a tractor has run over me. My soul is broken”lamented the singer, who explained:

“I couldn’t fly. Too much stress, too much responsibility on my shoulders. I couldn’t board. I don’t have to go through that, being late because of bad logistics”.

“I don’t need to do 30 shows in a month. I don’t need to go hungry, because I went all day without eating because I was taking care of my children.”, he added.

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