Simone vents on the way to a show in Minas after sister Simaria’s break

After performing alone in Paty dos Alferes (RJ) due to her sister Simaria’s absence due to medical reasons, Simone is going to another city to fulfill her performance schedule, this time in Conceição do Mato Dentro (MG), and made an outburst in the afternoon of today.

“Speak friends, I’m here on the road. Coming to Conceição do Mato Dentro today. I decided to take a bus. I had a flight for myself, but I decided that it was better to rest here on the bus. […] I’m here, arriving in the city”, she began in the Instagram stories.

She also told her followers that the show today at the 30th Cavalcade of the Jubilee of Senhor do Bom Jesus do Matozinhos — where Gusttavo Lima and Bruno and Marrone would also perform, but had canceled shows — will be beautiful and awaits the affection of the fans.

1 - Reproduction / Instagram @simoneses - Reproduction / Instagram @simoneses

Simone gives a shy smile after a slight outburst in Instagram Stories and talking about expectations for the show in MG

Image: Reproduction / Instagram @simoneses

“Today is going to be a very beautiful event, very special, I’m sure I’ll find once again the affection, energy, love of all of you. fit in,” he said.

She ends the sequence of videos with a shy smile and says goodbye: “God bless! ‘We are together'”.

Simaria’s break

The information about the break in Simaria’s career was confirmed in an official press release from the artists’ press office.

The announcement explains that Simaria, who turned 40 yesterday, is following a medical order. The duo’s team also reinforces that the appointments will be made by Simone.

The confirmation comes after public disagreements between the sisters became an issue in recent days. Speculation began after the singers exchanged barbs during a performance in Caruaru (PE).

The duo ignored what happened on social media and did not comment on the topic during Simaria’s birthday party. The celebration took place on the night of last Monday (13) in São Paulo.

In an interview with journalist Leo Dias, from Metrópoles, Simaria opened up about her relationship with Simone. Despite claiming that the experience of the two off stage is incredible, she also said that she felt reproached by her sister.

“O [programa do] Mouse was my cry for help, because everything I’m going to do is reproached by Simone. Do you have any idea what it’s like to spend 20-odd years of your life being told to shut up and not be yourself?” she said.

Regarding the duo’s concert at São João de Caruaru (PE), marked by Simaria’s 1h20 delay and the singer’s refusal to end the presentation, despite her sister’s requests, she said that she was unable to catch the same flight as Simone for reasons of health.

“I couldn’t fly, for health reasons, for a lot of stress. Tired of a lot of work and responsibility on my back”, she explained.

“If Simone and I have to change our careers for all that, to have brotherhood and peace, we change. On the day that Simone and Simaria want to end their careers, it will end beautifully”, concluded Simaria in the interview.

Check out the full statement:

RSS Produções Artísticas e Entertainment, the office responsible for managing the careers of Simone and Simaria, announces that Simaria Mendes, due to medical reasons, will not be able to meet the schedule of appointments (shows). In a message to the contractors and fans, Simaria says: “My loves, singing is everything I love most, but right now, I need to get away from the stages to take care of my health. voice of my sister, Simone, in my absence. We’ll meet again soon!” All Simone&Simaria commitments will be fulfilled by the artist Simone Mendes.

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