Sofisa Direto offers a pre-fixed CDB that pays 14.48% per year!

Check out everything about Sofisa Direto’s lightning offer!

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With the commitment to offer an experience unlike anything that already exists, Sofisa Direto launched a lightning offer that may interest many customers: the bank is offering a pre-fixed CDB that pays 14.18% per year.

Sofisa Direto has more than 60 years of history and is the first 100% digital, zero-fee bank in Brazil, in addition to offering investment modalities, digital accounts, credit cards, among others. See below for more information about the offer that the institution’s customers can take advantage of!

Sofisa Direto offers a pre-fixed CDB that pays 14.48% per year!

Sofisa Direto is offering 50% pre-fixed CBD over a period of 3 years, which is equivalent to 14.48% per annum. In addition, the bank guarantees high profitability with the security of fixed income. Some customers have already been notified via SMS message.

Sofisa is the first digital bank to bring zero-fee and investment in CBD at 100% of CDI. The institution offers a free investment robot that uses artificial intelligence to recommend the most profitable investment combinations, according to the client’s profile (conservative, moderate, bold or aggressive) and life goal.

Through the app, available for Android and iOS, the customer has access to zero fees and fees, deposits (boleto and TED), credit and debit cards, and a pre-approved credit limit. In addition, the user can also invest in fixed income (CDB, LCA and LCI) and investment funds.

About Sofisa Direct Bank

Banco Sofisa Direto was created in 1961 and is considered one of the most traditional financial institutions in the country, becoming known for its solidity and tradition of good service.

Currently, Sofisa has a good number of customers, who have a financial partner that offers various financial services, understands its activities and participates in its daily routines.

In addition, the bank’s customers earn by referring more people. The referral bonus is BRL 50 for each new user who invests BRL 1,000 and the nominee is also benefited after applying the same amount.

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