Tankers call assembly after diesel readjustment: ‘Affront of Petrobras’

The Union of Transport Companies of Fuels and Petroleum Derivatives of the State of Minas Gerais (Sindtanque-MG) convened an emergency meeting for next Tuesday (21), in order to discuss actions against the diesel price readjustment, announced this Friday (17) by Petrobras.The workers did not mention, for the time being, the risk of a strike.

The 14.2% increase in diesel at refineries, equivalent to R$ 0.70 per liter, was made official two days after the approval of the ICMS ceiling bill by the National Congress.

“We received the fuel readjustment as an affront and a lack of sensitivity on the part of Petrobras. Today, carriers were expecting a reduction and not a readjustment, another increase”, points out the president of Sindtanque-MG, Irani Gomes. With the ICMS ceiling project, which is awaiting sanction from President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), the price of diesel could fall by R$ 0.18 in Minas, as the tax calculation base would decrease, according to calculations by Raion Consultoria, a specialized company in the sector.

Gomes also criticized the International Parity Price (PPI) policy, adopted by Petrobras to equate national values ​​with those of the international market. “With this policy, it is becoming unfeasible to transport. I believe that at any moment, if the federal government, together with Petrobras, does not take any action regarding this policy, there could be a shortage of supplies in the country. We can no longer bear to work the way it is,” he concludes.

Even the current increase announced by Petrobras does not cover fuel price lag with global prices. Now, it reaches 11%, according to market analysts. Thus, there is still scope for further increases.

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