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A study carried out by researchers at Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, in Portugal, and published in the journal Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, presented evidence that drinking beer daily, contrary to popular belief, is good for intestinal health.

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Drinking beer every day is good for your health, says study

The result was obtained through a double-blind study with a population of 19 men in good health, aged 23 to 58 years. For the experiment, they were divided into two groups that for a month drank 330 ml of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer accompanying the evening meal. The researchers advised participants not to change their eating routines and habits.

Surprisingly, at the end of the study, both groups had 7% more varieties of gut bacteria and fecal alkaline phosphatase, which was a good result for gut health. They also observed that there was no change in weight or increase in cholesterol in the volunteers.

For researchers, the presence of a lower diversity of intestinal bacteria is related to diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. In view of the results of the study, this effect would be inverse, that is, with more different bacteria in the intestine, there would be a positive result in the prevention of such diseases.

Still, according to the scientists’ opinion, this positive result on our microbiome is related to the substances that are part of the beer’s composition, such as polyphenols and other microorganisms responsible for the fermentation of food.

It is worth noting that polyphenols are nutrients that act as antioxidants, found in abundance in plants, including hops that are an ingredient in beer, being used to give the characteristic bitterness of the drink.

The study was done only in lager beer, the scientists believe that this effect is extended to other types with higher yeast concentration and unfiltered.

Scientists’ warning and recommendation on consumption

Although the result of the research is encouraging, especially for lovers of this “national passion”, it is necessary to be aware, as alcoholic beer can increase the chances of addiction, in addition to diseases such as cancer.

For that reason, scientists recommend consuming alcohol-free options.

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