Turco Mohamed’s fall seems inevitable in Galo, says Arnaldo Ribeiro

Atlético-MG is going through a turbulent period, with four games in a row without winning and facing Flamengo, with a duel on Sunday, valid for the Brasileirão, before meeting the red-black opponent again next Wednesday, for the Brazil’s Cup.

In the Posse de Bola #237 podcast, Arnaldo Ribeiro says that the duel with Flamengo already this Sunday gained decision contours for Galo, considering that the fall of coach Turco Mohamed seems inevitable with the bad sequence of results of the team.

“Perhaps the change in command hasn’t happened yet, although it seems to be inevitable, Atlético-MG seems to me a little aimless, still in the hangover of the glorious season they lived and it’s not easy to mobilize players who won everything, Flamengo lived this after 2019 is not simple, even more with change in command”, says Arnaldo.

“Atltico-MG seems to be behind me, this confrontation is so big, the interstate rivalry is so big, especially on the part of Atlético-MG, which can have a power of reaction or destruction, it’s clear, it’s almost a decision for Atlético -MG”, he adds.

The journalist considers that in case of defeat to Flamengo in the Brasileirão, it is very likely that the coach will fall even before the duel valid for the Copa do Brasil.

“The sequence will only be possible if there is some good news in the games against Flamengo, otherwise I imagine that there is a change of command even before the Copa do Brasil match in the middle of the week, in fact it became a decisive game for the coaching staff throughout the rivalry that exists, because the team hasn’t given any signal until now”, evaluates Arnaldo.

“It’s a decision for Atlético-MG and it’s not a decision for Flamengo, the entire responsibility is in the hands of Atlético-MG in this confrontation”, he concludes.

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