Victor remembers bullying and isolates himself in ‘No Limite’: ‘This trigger is very strong’ | 2022

No Limit participants live not only from physical challenges. ⚡ Isolated in the tribes, reality players also have to deal with thoughts, fears and personal anxieties in the camp, and that’s what happened to Victor on last Thursday’s episode, 6/16.

The man from Goiás woke up with a wound in the mouth region and was destabilized by the news: “I confess that I’m dying of shame, a lot of shame. I suffered bullying because of that, and then as soon as I realized I was very ashamed of the people of the tribe”vented.

Pedro advises Victor, in ‘No Limite’ — Photo: Globo

This trigger is very strong. Since, maybe, they’re looking at me in disgust. I know most people have it, that in times of stress it can show up, it’s okay, but I’m really very conceited with myself. And because I have already been through these bullying situations, because of that, it moved me a lot.”

— Victor Hugo, participant of ‘No Limite’

Perceiving teammate isolation, Pedro approached the advertising copywriter to calm him down and also encourage him in the competition.

“Victor is a very nice guy, he received me very well when I arrived at Tribo Lua. We always talk a lot about the game, and even things in life. And today he had a little problem there, I saw that he got a little blurry of the game, shook a little, pulled a trigger. It’s very important that little things don’t take away our focus, which is to win this game“, he stated.

Pedro encouraged Victor, in ‘No Limite’ — Photo: Globo

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Rhudson Victor talks with Tiemi, the 14th eliminated from 'No Limite'

Rhudson Victor talks with Tiemi, the 14th eliminated from ‘No Limite’

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