Viviane Araújo poses in a bikini and 7-month-old belly impresses

In the final stretch of pregnancy, Viviane Araújo appears in a bikini and 7-month tummy steals the show

The actress Viviane Araújo appeared, this Thursday (16), in a beautiful bikini click and left her 7-month pregnant belly on display. In the image, the muse appears wearing an orange model on thin ropes. She showed off the beautiful belly of the seventh month of pregnancy and surprised fans with the beautiful moment of her journey of becoming a mother of her first child.

In the publication’s caption, the carnival muse celebrated: “Seven months!”, wrote Vivi, adding the hashtags pregnant, potbellied and mother of Joaquim. Waiting for her first heir, who will be called Joaquim, the result of her marriage to the businessman Guilherme Militãothe artist received much praise from her fans and admirers.

Many internet users, delighted and admired with the muse’s body in shape and belly size, filled the publication with several affectionate comments. “She’s even more beautiful, her mom is radiant,” wrote an internet user. Another fan said: “It was even more beautiful carrying another life”. And a third declared: “The most beautiful mommy! You deserve all the best in this life.”

Recently, Viviane Araújo shared with fans that she is preparing for the arrival of her baby and taking good care of her health so that the birth goes as smoothly as possible. The actress decided to start doing pelvic physiotherapy, a set of exercises for pregnant women.

On social media, the doctor Roberta Paz, the professional responsible for the care of the muse, showed the “mother of the year” strengthening her body with a pilates ball. In the publication’s caption, Dr. Roberta explained that the idea of ​​the exercise is to work “breath control, pelvic mobility, abdomen and pelvic floor during pregnancy.”

The professional took advantage of the post to tie Viviane Araújo saying: “Joaquim’s muse mother”, wrote the doctor. Vivi doesn’t hide the happiness of being a mother and showed internet users the exact moment when Joaquim kicks her belly. She wrote in wonder at the time: “It’s every kick”, she joked, who also said that her puppy was growing more and more.

Viviane Araújo poses in an orange bikini and 7 months pregnant belly draws attention

Instagram reproduction Viviane Araújo appears in a bikini in the seventh month of pregnancy and good shape impresses fans

Viviane Araújo appears doing exercises for pregnant women and the muse's good shape surprises

Instagram reproduction Viviane Araújo appears doing exercises for pregnant women and enchants followers with good shape

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