What will the price of gasoline look like after the ICMS ceiling is reduced?

The proposal to reduce the Tax on the Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS) has reached the final stage, awaiting only the sanction by the president Jair Bolsonaro (PL). With the conclusion of the measure, the forecast is that fuels, such as Gasoline it’s the dieselfall in price at gas station pumps.

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Data from the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANTT) show that the price of gasoline in the national market is R$ 7.29, but with a chance of rising even more after the recent announcement of an adjustment by Petrobras.

The rise in the prices of products increasingly worries Brazilians, who also suffer from inflation in food and other essential services. With the approval of the law that reduces the ICMS rate, the forecast is that the purchasing power of the population will have a certain “relief”.

What will the price of gasoline look like after the ICMS ceiling is sanctioned?

According to the director of the Instituto de Combustível Legal, Carlo Faccio, if the ICMS ceiling is set at between 17% and 18%, there will be a reduction in fuel, however, of little significance.

Forecasts show that the value of gasoline may drop, for example, by R$0.48 in the state of São Paulo, and by as much as R$1.15 in Rio de Janeiro. While in the first, the liter of fuel is sold at an average of R$ 6.90, in the second it reaches the amount of R$ 7.80.

Currently, those who live in São Paulo pay 25% ICMS on gasoline, while those who live in Rio pay 34% of the tax. In this sense, the values ​​with the decrease would correspond, nowadays, to R$ 6.42 for São Paulo and R$ 6.65 for Rio de Janeiro.

Remembering that the new adjustment by Petrobras, announced this Friday, 17th, may change these calculations and reduce the impacts felt with the limitation of ICMS on fuels.

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