Woman arrested after abandoning her three children on an island and running away with her boyfriend

A resident of South Carolina (USA), who was initially reported missing, ended up arrested a day later for abandoning her three children on an island and running away with her boyfriendsaid local officials.

Courtney Taylor’s three children, ages 12, 13 and 15, were found alone on Cemetery Island in Lake Hartwell, South Carolina, by a passing boat on Monday afternoon. , said the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office, according to a report by WYFF4, an affiliate of the NBC network.

The children told officers that they had been camping with their mother and her boyfriend, Eric Elrod, since Sunday (12/6). On Monday morning, Courtney and Eric they left under the pretense of getting water, but did not returndeclared the children.

Courtney Taylor released after posting bail
Courtney Taylor was released after posting bail Photo: Playback/Anderson County Sheriff’s Office

The vehicle the family was traveling in had disappeared from its parking space, according to police.

The sheriff’s office began a search for the missing couple and located Courtney in Pickens County on Tuesday (6/14). She was charged with three counts of child neglect.

Police are still looking for Eric, who has a pending arrest over methamphetamine distribution.

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