Woman discovers dog is a bear 2 years after adoption

A woman was surprised to discover that the dog she had adopted two years ago in Yunnan, China, is actually an endangered bear, according to Britain’s Daily Mirror.

Su Yen raised the animal for two years and began to notice that it was different when it started to walk on its hind legs. She said that she had adopted the bear thinking it was a Tibetan mastiff dog, and that, on a daily basis, he looked more like a bear.

“[Ele comia] a box of fruit and two buckets of noodles every day. The older he grew, the more he looked like a bear. I’m a little scared of bears,” he described.

Su called the Yunnan Wildlife Rescue Center for further opinion when she began to wonder what was happening and with him walking on his hind leg. In addition to being a bear, its species is endangered: the team identified the animal as an Asian black bear, also known as a moon bear or white-breasted bear.

The Yunnan Wildlife Rescue Center took the animal, who learned to defend himself and live among his own kind.

Asian black bears are sold at a high price on the black market as they are used in traditional Asian medicine and cooking. A chemical found in bear bile is used to treat ailments, such as in the liver, in Chinese medicine. The method of extracting this product is considered inhumane and painful.

Despite this, the breeding of bear bile is legal in the Asian country.

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