Wrong decisions will lead Europe to extremism, says Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the policies adopted by European countries create conditions for the rise of nationalist and extremist sentiments in European society.

The statement was made this Friday (June 17, 2022) during the leader’s speech at the 25th International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg, one of the main economic events in Russia. This year’s edition was marked by the absence of investors from the West.

In his speech, the leader refers to the sanctions imposed against Russia in response to the war in Ukraine. For Putin, the policy adopted by the EU (European Union) towards the United States amounts to a “blitzkrieg” economic.

The term used deals with a tactic of war that coordinates attacks from various groups in order to defeat the enemy quickly and offensively. It is translated from German as “lightning war”. The strategy was adopted by Nazi forces in World War II.

During the speech, Putin says that the blockades “reckless and insane” no “succeeded” in “smash” the country’s economy. While he acknowledges that Russian inflation is high – the price index reached 17.8% in the 12-month period through April – the president says the measures cause comparable damage. “and even bigger” to European nations.

“We see how the social and economic problems have worsened in Europe and also in the United States. As the cost of goods, food, electricity and car fuel is rising. How the quality of life for Europeans is decreasing and the competitiveness of companies is being lost”said.

According to the leader, society and companies in the European Union are the ones that suffer “directly” with “costs” which will result in a loss of global competitiveness and a systemic slowdown in the growth of the European economy.

Putin also says that the worsening of inequality in the nations of Europe will be “ua direct consequence of the actions of European politicians”. For the president, the issue is about the well-being and values ​​of the European population.

Costs will therefore divide societies and lead to “inevitably” to a wave of populism and the growth of radical movements. According to Putin, the issue will also result in “serious socioeconomic changes, degradation and, in the near future, a shift in elites” in Europe.

Still talking about sanctions, Putin said that Moscow will continue to develop as a “open economy” independent of the blocks. The country will hold negotiations with companies in the West and expects gas exports to increase through new routes, the president said.


During the speech, Putin claimed to be a “illusion” believe that the “Dominion of the West” in politics and the global economy is something “immutable and eternal”. Referring to the American influence in other countries, he said that “nothing is eternal”.

According to the Russian leader, after the end of the Cold War, the United States declared itself “God’s Messengers on Earth” and classified their interests as “sacred”.

“They [EUA] they seem not to realize that, in recent decades, new powerful centers have formed on the planet and are getting stronger. Each of them develops its own political systems and public institutions, implements its own models of economic growth and, of course, has the right to protect them, to guarantee national sovereignty.”said.

Since the beginning of the war, Putin has used the argument of guaranteeing national sovereignty to justify the invasion of Ukraine on February 24. At this Friday’s event (June 17), he repeated the justification. He said that Russia was “forced” to launch what he describes as “special military operation”.

“It was difficult, but necessary. […] This is the decision of a sovereign country, which has the unconditional right, based, moreover, on the UN Charter, to defend its security. A decision aimed at protecting our citizens, residents of the Donbass People’s Republics, who for 8 years were subjected to genocide by the Kiev regime.”said.

Putin also reacted to claims that the war in Ukraine was responsible for the worsening of the economic scenario in the world because of the impacts on supply chains and markets for goods. commodities.

said the question “It’s just not true”. He further stated that he could stay “flattered” to know that Russia is “so big” and “so powerful” that could raise inflation in the United States. The US rate reached 8.6% in the 12-month period up to May, the highest value recorded in the period in 40 years.


Chinese President Xi Jinping also addressed the Economic Forum this Friday (May 17). In a video, the Chinese leader underscored the country’s commitment to trade with Russia despite Western sanctions against Moscow.

“China stands ready to work with Russia and all other countries to explore development prospects, share growth opportunities and make new contributions to deepen global development cooperation and build a community with a shared future for humanity.”said.

In addition to Jinping, the president of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, and the president of Egypt, Abdul Fatah Khalil Al-Sisi, participated in the event.


from left to right, the editor-in-chief of RT, Margarita Simonyan, Vladimir Putin and the president of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. On the screen appears the president of China, Xi Jinping.


The start of Vladimir Putin’s speech at the Economic Forum had to be postponed for 1 hour after “technical problems”.

According to Bloomberg, a hacker attack cut the internet, which interrupted the badge system to access the venue and delayed the entry of participants to the event. Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov did not elaborate on who was to blame for the problem.

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