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Yudi Tamashiro explains comments about Priscilla AlcantaraReproduction / Instagram

Published 06/17/2022 17:05 | Updated 06/17/2022 17:11

Rio – Yudi Tamashiro published a video on his Instagram to explain an interview that went viral on social networks in which he spoke of the current phase of Priscilla Alcantara, his former partner in the presentation of “Bom Dia & Cia”, on SBT. He had commented on the singer having left the gospel segment but stated that at no time did he refer to the tattoo she made and that it was the target of criticism from evangelicals.

“They’re saying that I’m badmouthing Priscilla Alcantara. It has nothing to do with each other. She’s like my sister. They’re taking an interview and putting it now that Priscilla’s tattoo thing has gone viral. I have my entire body closed tattoo and I will continue doing it because God has not touched my heart. Until today no one has convinced me that tattooing is a sin”, he began.

Evangelical, Yudi stressed that his concern was that of a brother and that he was afraid that Priscilla would “get lost” in the new path he is following.

“This interview was in the United States. They started asking several questions about various people, I didn’t feel comfortable. When they asked about Priscilla, I said that she lived through the same thing I lived through in childhood and adolescence and is now in another phase. different from me. She lived things inside the church that I haven’t lived until today. Just as I lived things in the world and in the crazy life that she didn’t live. My concern was like a brother. I was afraid of her getting lost in the middle of this path. My biggest She wanted to be in the church, we were having a congress, ministering. She was praising and I was preaching. I still see that”, he justified, who also stressed that he is no one to judge others.

Recently, during the podcast “The Chinelapa Show”, the artist spoke about his friend’s religious behavior. “She came out of, let’s say, gospel and from what I hear from people close to her, she’s still looking for the word [de Deus], but now finds itself in another medium. He started hanging out with people from Globo, he’s getting to know another side. Things I’ve known before,” he said. “I went through pain to Christ, it was never led astray, it was always from the church. My vision, and I talked to her. I pray for her life, she is living things she has never lived in her life, knowing different things, but I feel that one day she will say: ‘Calm down, that’s not it’, and she will come back, she will come back even stronger,” he said. .

Priscilla Alcantara liked the comments of a fan club of hers that criticized Yudi’s stance, noting that she always supported him, even in his worst phases.

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