Accident happened in the production of “The Chosen One”


Van accident happened while team was traveling to region in Mexico

The future of production has yet to be announced.
© Pixabay/Jade87The future of production has yet to be announced.

The productions of Netflix happen all over the world and some can pose dangers to the people involved. That’s what happened this week with the actors Raymundo Garduño Cruz and Juan Francisco Conzales Aguilarseries actors “The Chosen One”, who died after a van accident.

The fatality happened last Thursday (18). The team was moving to another recording area in the Mexico. According to the North American portal The Associated Press, other team members were inside the car and were injured after the accident.

The name of the production company responsible for the series was not disclosed and according to the information, the members of the production worked in Santa Rosalia, disaster site. The show is based on the HQ”American Jesus”, which is about the coming of a new messiah to planet Earth to save humanity. Netflix has yet to announce the upcoming work.


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