After 2 years, the LGBT+ Pride Parade returns to Paulista this Sunday; Pabllo Vittar, Ludmilla and Gretchen are among attractions | Sao Paulo

THE 26th edition of the LGBT+ Pride Parade takes place this Sunday (19) in the city of São Paulo. After two years of online celebration, due to the most severe phases of the pandemic, the electric trios return to perform the traditional route from Avenida Paulista to Praça Roosevelt, in the center of the capital.

In this year, 19 cars will be part of the parade that will start at 12 pm and will feature the participation of artists such as Pabllo Vittar, Ludmilla, Pepita, Mateus Carrilho, Liniker, Majur, Gretchen, Tiago Abravanel, Lexa, Luisa Sonza and the Carnaval block Minhoqueens (see schedule below).

The theme of the 26th Parade is “Vote with Pride – for a policy you represent” and aims to reaffirm the commitment of the LGBTQIA+ community to combating discrimination, respecting diversity and fighting for affirmative policies aimed at this part of the population.

Theme of the 26th edition of the São Paulo LGBT+ Pride Parade — Photo: Disclosure/ParadaSP

“It is an immense pleasure to return to the streets and reinforce to the public its responsibility to support representatives who are committed to a more just and egalitarian Brazil”, said Claudia Garcia, president of APOLGBT-SP, the association responsible for organizing the event in the capital of São Paulo.

Order of Trio Elétricos

  1. LGBT+ families – artist: Mariana Munhoz;
  2. City Hall of Sao Paulo;
  3. Lesbian Diversity artists: Ana Dutra, Luana Hassen;
  4. City Hall of Sao Paulo;
  5. Transsexual and Transvestite Diversity – artist: Nick Cruz;
  6. Health (Aids Healthcare Foundation – AHF);
  7. Bisexual Diversity – artists: Ariah and Brunelli;
  8. City Hall of Sao Paulo;
  9. Diversity More – artists: Quebrada Queer, Thaline Karajá;
  10. Night Artists;
  11. gay diversity – artist: Kauan Russell;
  12. Alive – artists: Tiago Abravanel, Bloco Agrada Gregos, Gretchen and Paullete Pink;
  13. Jean Paul Gaultier – artist: JoJo Todinho, Majur and the Pitayas;
  14. amstel – artists: DJ Heey Cat, Mateus Carrilho, Aretuza Love, Pocah and Luisa Sonza;
  15. Burger King and Avon – artists: Pepita, Lexa, DJ Cris Negrini and Ludmilla;
  16. Smirnoff – artist to be confirmed;
  17. Earth – artist: Liniker, MC Rebecca and Minhoqueens;
  18. Allied Guests;
  19. Board of APOLGBT-SP and Mercado Livre – artist: Pablo Vittar.

More than 2,000 military police, with the support of 254 vehicles, in addition to 287 metropolitan civil guards, will be involved in patrolling the event on Avenida Paulista.

According to the Capital Police Command (CPC), the teams will also be distributed in places of great concentration close to the event, such as Rua da Consolação and Praça Roosevelt, where participants are dispersed. There will be foot patrols and mobile community bases scattered throughout the region.

According to the São Paulo City Hall, the capital has 80% of the hotel chain occupied by the Parada, which represents a movement of the city’s economy of around R$ 400 million.

A study by the São Paulo City Indicators Observatory shows that each LGBT tourist spends, on average, R$1,600 per day before, during and after the Parade.

  • Date: Sunday (19)
  • Concentration: Avenida Paulista, from 10 am
  • Start: 12 pm
  • Path: Av. Paulista, Rua da Consolação and Praça Roosevelt

VIDEOS: See more about SP and the metropolitan region

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