After privatization, 9 of the 11 board members of Eletrobras resign | Economy

9 of the 11 Eletrobras directors resign
Ivonete Dainese

9 of the 11 Eletrobras directors resign

This Saturday (18), Eletrobras said in a statement that nine of the eleven members of the company’s Board of Directors resigned so that the new shareholders can choose the composition of the board. Eletrobras was privatized last week for R$ 33.7 billion.

“It remains evident that it is now up to this Board of Directors, after profound and effective contributions to the [de privatização]to allow the new corporate structure – defined without the figure of a controlling shareholder – to form a new collegiate body”, said the 9 directors in a statement.

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Will leave the following positions:

  • Ruy Schneider;
  • Marcelo de Siqueira Freitas;
  • Bruno Eustaquio de Carvalho;
  • Ana Carolina Marinho;
  • Jeronimo Antunes;
  • Ana Silvia Corso;
  • Felipe Villela Dias;
  • Daniel Alves Ferreira;
  • Rodrigo Limp.

Limp is the president of the state-owned company, and will continue to be, but he gave up his position on the Board. The 9 members will maintain their positions until the election of their substitutes at the next Extraordinary General Meeting, which has not yet been scheduled.

In the resignation letter, the directors said that the privatization of the company “will bring new opportunities for investment and expansion of its activities”. They declared that the decision “is a good corporate governance and social justice practice, which the current directors are proud to comply with”.

“In addition, one of the vacancies is occupied by representatives of the Company’s employees, which has a separate election process, in accordance with the Company’s Bylaws, and who did not resign”, completes the company.

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