After two years, Parada returns to the streets; check out the attractions and order of trios

19 trios will occupy Avenida Paulista on Sunday;  Start of the Parade is scheduled for 12:00

19 trios will occupy Avenida Paulista on Sunday; Start of the Parade is scheduled for 12:00

Photo: São Paulo’s LGBT Pride Parade – APOGLBT

This Sunday, the 19th, the long-awaited 26th LGBT+ Pride Parade of São Paulo, presented by Earth and Smirnoff and held by the São Paulo LGBT Pride Parade Association (APOLGBT-SP).

The event returns to Avenida Paulista after two years of hiatus due to the pandemic. The concentration starts at 10 am, kicking off the Parade, which starts at noon this Sunday.

Pabllo Vittar, Ludmilla, Liniker, Luísa Sonza and Tiago Abravanel are some of the names confirmed for the presentations.

For those who do not want to miss any attractions, it is worth checking the order and guests of each trio:

trio 1 – Opening – LGBT+ Families – Artists: Mariana Munhoz
trio 2 – Municipality of São Paulo
trio 3 – Lesbian Diversity – Artists: Ana Dutra and Luana Hassen
trio 4 – Municipality of São Paulo
trio 5 – Transsexual/Transvestite Diversity – Artist: Nick Cruz
trio 6 – Health (Aids Healthcare Foundation – AHF)
trio 7 – Bisexual Diversity – Artists: Ariah and Brunelli
trio 8 – Municipality of São Paulo
trio 9 – More Diversity – Artists: Quebrada Queer and Thaline Karajá
trio 10 – Artists of the Night
trio 11 – Gay Diversity – Artist: Kauan Russell
trio 12 – Vivo – Artists: Tiago Abravanel, Bloco Agrada Gregos, Gretchen and Paullete Pink
trio 13 – Jean Paul Gaultier – Artists: Jojo Todynho, Majur and the Pitayas
trio 14 – Amstel – Artists: DJ Heey Cat, Mateus Carrilho, Aretuzza Love, Pocah and Luísa Sonza
trio 15 – Burger King/Avon – BK Artists: Pepita, Lexa and DJ Cris Negrini / Avon Artist: Ludmilla
trio 16 – Smirnoff – Danna Lisboa, Filipe Catto, Lafetah, Oxa, Piettro, Romero Ferro, Gambiarra and WD
trio 17 – Earth – Artists: Liniker, MC Rebecca and Minoqueens
trio 18 – Allied Guests
trio 19 – APOLGBT-SP/Free Market Board – Artist: Pabllo Vittar

The theme of this year’s Parade is Vote with Pride – For a Policy that Represents. “After two years without face-to-face editions, it is an immense pleasure to return to the streets and reinforce to the public its responsibility to support representatives who are committed to a more just and egalitarian Brazil. upcoming elections”, says Claudia Garcia, president of the NGO APOLGBT-SP.


Terra and Smirnoff present the 26th São Paulo LGBT+ Pride Parade, which this year has the theme “Vote with pride – for a policy that represents”. Follow the full coverage of the event on Terra NÓS, Terra’s diversity vertical, and stay on top of the LGBTQIA+ movement in Paulista and around the world. And using the hashtag #TerraNaParada on your social networks you can join this with us!

LGBT+ Parade returns to Av. Paulista sponsored by Terra:

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