Andressa Suita shows her children with a new look and the same clothes: “beautiful”

Sons of Andressa Suita and Gusttavo Lima pose with the same clothes and the boys’ stripped-down looks draw attention

The model and digital influencer, Andressa Suita, published a beautiful picture of their children, Samuel, three years old, and Gabriel, four years old. The little ones are the fruit of her relationship with the singer Gusttavo Lima. In the image, the mother owl showed the heirs using looks stylish and left the followers drooling with such cuteness.

In the caption of the publication, the countryman’s wife did not spare praise for the puppies and melted for them. “My boysI still haven’t gotten over them in jeans”, she wrote, who took advantage and showed that the boys had a lot of fun watching a circus show together.

quickly after Andressa Suita posting the beautiful photos on her profile on social media, fans and admirers of the family filled the post with many comments praising the style of the little ones. Dancer Lorena Improta declared: “I can’t stand it”. Another follower, did not contain herself: “Most beautiful thing in the world, I love it so much”. A follower said: “Beautiful”. And yet another internet user stated: “There is a daughter-in-law knocking on your door, right Andressa, will these two work?”.

Recently, Andressa Suita impressed followers by showing how she gets around her mansion with her husband Gusttavo Lima. In the photo, the digital influencer appeared on her social networks walking with a golf cart through the mansion where she lives, in Goiânia, in the state of Goiás.

With her team, the model filmed moments of fun in which everyone enjoyed the luxury car, on the property of 15 thousand square meters. The mansion has a gym, sauna, room for setting up the model’s looks, salon and a photo studio.

Still with friends, who helped her at the beginning of her career, she recorded the beautiful lunch she offered to her team in her luxurious kitchen. “Food very good from Goiás to welcome this wonderful team here at home today”, she commented, who soon after, showed her friends cleaning her closet.

Andressa Suita and Gusttavo Lima publish clicks of their children dressed alike and surprise

Instagram reproduction Andressa Suita and Gusttavo Lima show their children wearing the same clothes and the cuteness of the boys enchants

Andressa Suita shares fun ride with her kids in a golf cart at her mansion

Instagram reproduction Andressa Suita takes her kids for a golf cart ride around the mansion where she lives

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