Andressa Urach detonates son and his girlfriend: “I want a beating”

Andressa Urach reports that her son abandoned the apartment she rented for him and his partner

Andressa Urach posted a video blasting her eldest son Arthur, 17, and his girlfriend Brenda. She was revolted after the boy made a post on his channel, now deleted, that criticized her mother’s husband, Thiago Lopes. For the young, the mother’s husband is controlling.

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“I don’t know him. He’s not the same son I raised. He’s someone else today. It was the biggest disappointment. I am a borderliner, I undergo psychiatric treatment, I take medication, going to church helps me, but when there is a lot of pressure, I freak out. Only God can help me, because my desire is to take a belt and beat my son, something I’ve never done in my life, so you have an idea”, detonated Andressa.

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“I never imagined that Arthur would act the way he has. My soul aches, my heart aches. Of all the disappointments I’ve been through in recent years, this one has been the hardest. I want to have spiritual eyes, but it makes me want to get those demons off my belt,” he added.

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Influencer comes out in defense of her husband and detonates her son

Andressa also stated that Thiago never mistreated her or Arthur. “If I didn’t love Thiago and he didn’t respect him, I wouldn’t be with him. I was never a woman to accept going through any kind of abuse or accept misery of feeling. We are wonderfully fine,” she said.

The influencer also recalled that she raised Arthur alone, without financial help from his father. As Andressa said, the young man was given a credit card and even rented an apartment for him to live with Brenda, being abandoned by the two recently.

“I should never have let him date, because I didn’t want to, Arthur knows that. Ungrateful, I’m very upset that Brenda’s family is supporting them. Arthur left the countryside without warning that he would drop everything. I spent everything I had to open the barbershop for him. Thiago had been paying the barbershop rent for months, and Thiago has no obligations to him. I never agreed to Arthur and Brenda’s marriage. I respected it, because I’m a mother, even though I didn’t want to”, lamented Andressa Urach.

Andressa Urach and her children (Photo: Reproduction)
Andressa Urach and her children (Photo: Reproduction)

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