Anne fights after Pelanza loses honesty test

A test held this afternoon at the mansion of “Power Couple 6” has had a lot of repercussions — both among participants and on social media. The challenge in question was made with the husbands and involved “honesty and sincerity”, according to the official PlayPlus profile.

According to participants’ conversations in videos posted on the networks, the test involved a question and answer game. At a given moment, the husbands received the answers to the questions in the ear, but they would only win if they told the “mistake”.

Pelanza failed the test and was heavily criticized by his wife, Anne.

“For me, there’s no pressure that corrupts that side. I’m here alone, waiting like an idiot. There’s nothing that corrupts us. (…) Pedro replied with what he heard and still celebrated, he went to the end of the test”, she vented.

“Only suckers fall for that,” he said.

Anne cried and was comforted by the other participants: “Okay, guys, if you want to talk about him, let them. It’s not about them now, it’s about me.”

When the husbands returned from the test site, Pelanza preferred to isolate himself from the others at the mansion’s gym. The singer was already with his head down during the dressing room, after the test.

Albert and Hadad commented on the test in the dressing room, being surprised:

“It also shows your wife that you can’t be trusted. It’s proof that your wife also wants to see if you’re honest or not, but it’s for the whole of Brazil”, commented Albert. “Anne is going to weigh in on him. She blew it all away. Triple. It’s self-betrayal. You cheat with yourself,” he added.

Hadad also commented on Pelanza’s mistake:

“I don’t know what my life would be like if I did that. I swear I wouldn’t know what to do,” he said.

The singer was comforted by Hadson and Hadad.

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