At the inauguration of Unacon, Garcia cites the fight against cancer as a ‘priority demand’


Present at the ceremony held in Americana, the governor hopes to end the year with 20 regional cancer centers in the State of São Paulo

By Marina Zanaki

June 18, 2022 at 9:44 pm • Last updated June 19, 2022 at 9:26 am

Tucano spoke alongside Mayor Chico Sardelli (PV) – Photo: Americana City Hall / Publicity

The fight against cancer was cited by Governor Rodrigo Garcia (PSDB) as a “priority demand” of the State of São Paulo this Saturday (18), during the inauguration of Unacon (High Complexity Unit in Oncology) in Americana.

Present at the event, the toucan said that, due to the pandemic, health demands are repressed. “The fight against cancer, which was already a great demand, has perhaps become the priority demand in the State”, he declared.

With capacity for 4,240 chemotherapy sessions and 520 surgical procedures per year, Unacon should reduce the waiting time for treatment to begin. The space will also serve residents of Nova Odessa and Santa Bárbara d’Oeste.

The governor recalled that eight regional cancer centers have been opened so far and that he should end the year with 20 units. Americana’s Unacon went live on June 8.

Mayor Chico Sardelli (PV) highlighted that the population will no longer have to face long journeys in search of treatment in reference units.

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“Unacon comes to address this gap that existed for patients in our microregion, who needed to look for other centers to have their chemotherapy and surgery. We now have this important place for cancer treatment next to the house”, said the mayor.

Health Secretary of Americana, Danilo Carvalho Oliveira said that the waiting time in the region could reach a year and a half. With the new space, the secretary’s expectation is to be able to start treatments within the period provided by law, which is 60 days from the diagnosis.

“Our idea with the project is to be able to have a queue respecting the 60 days for the start of cancer treatment, that there is a queue that walks, functional, and not for months or years. The idea is that with these centers the repressed demand can be reduced to zero and the new cases can be caught”, he said.

Unacon was built with resources from the private sector in partnership with the Municipality of Americana. Each year, São Paulo will send R$ 5.5 million and the city will have a counterpart of R$ 1.2 million. This value will be reassessed every three months by the municipality to identify whether the service goals are being met.

Infrastructure will receive R$ 25 million in loan

Governor Rodrigo Garcia (PSDB) formalized the financing of R$ 25 million in infrastructure works for Americana. The municipality will have a grace period of two years and a payment term of 96 months.

Mayor Chico Sardelli (PV) detailed that R$ 16 million will be spent on resurfacing the city and another R$ 9 million for the DAE (Water and Sewer Department), which will be used to replace old pipes.

Rodrigo also signed an agreement for the investment of R$ 1.25 million, which will benefit 10 city streets with paving and accessibility services.

“We know that these works will be important for the region to remain attractive from an investment point of view and, with that, we will continue to maintain jobs and income throughout the region here in Americana”, said the governor this Saturday.

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