‘Beyond reprehensible,’ says police

A 22-year-old man was accused on Friday of murdering and beheading his ex-girlfriend who was eight months pregnant in the city of Alton, in the United States. Deundrea Holloway will answer for the deaths of his wife, Liese Dodd, also 22, and her unborn child.

Liese was found dead on June 9 after her mother asked the police for help as she hadn’t heard from her for some time. Agents located the victim in front of her apartment. Liese’s head was in the dumpster outside the building.

“They informed us that someone was found dead next door,” neighbor April Wooten told ABC television. “Having to lose a child this way, that baby is an extension of the mother and the rest of the family. They lost a child too, lost two,” she added.

The victim and Holloway had been in an on-and-off relationship over the past two years, local officials said. Before disappearing, Liese had been preparing a baby shower with her family.

Alton police chief Marcos Pulido called the crime “beyond reprehensible”.

“She was brutally, savagely killed,” Pulido said. “What was observed, what was learned, was absolutely terrible,” finished the policeman.

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