Bolsonaro says Fachin ‘should declare himself a suspect’ ahead of TSE

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) again criticized the security of the Brazilian electoral system during an agenda in Manaus this Saturday (18). According to him, the president of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Edson Fachin, should leave the court because he was responsible for ruling in the Federal Supreme Court (STF) the judgment that led to the freedom of former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. Silva (PT) after conviction in Lava Jato by then judge Sergio Moro.

“How are investigations carried out in Brazil? In a safe room, no one has access. […] Just remember that the rapporteur of Lula’s freedom, and now he is leading the elections. He should declare himself a suspect, but he doesn’t let go”, he said. Fachin will be replaced in office by Minister Alexandre de Moraes, who takes office as president of the TSE on August 16.

The president also criticized minister Luís Roberto Barroso, saying that he had met with leaders in Congress who were part of the commission that analyzed the proposed amendment to the Constitution (PEC) of the printed vote to stop the proposal from advancing. “He went inside the Chamber, met with 11 leaders and determined that the printed vote could not be approved. I don’t know what the charm of Minister Barroso was to achieve this.”

“The press says I’m afraid of losing. [o cargo] No problem [se perder], [mas] in clean elections. In a democracy it is common to lose an election, but we cannot lose democracy in an election,” he said.

The president also said that the Armed Forces, which were invited by the TSE to join the electoral transparency commission, had identified more than 500 vulnerabilities in the electoral system. “Then Mr. Fachin came and said that elections are issues for unarmed forces. Hey, he invited me into your house, I’m only leaving here after I eat a snack and have a tubaína.”

The TSE has already manifested itself several times on similar speeches by the president. The court stated that the Brazilian electoral system is reliable and that no fraud has ever been recorded in elections carried out using the electronic ballot box.

The court has also reported that it has received 15 proposals from the Armed Forces for improvements to the electoral system, of which ten were accepted, four are being studied for implementation in the next elections and one was rejected.

Alleged agreement with Alexandre de Moraes

Bolsonaro said that he made an agreement with Minister Alexandre de Moraes close to September 7 to sign the Letter to the Nation and that, in exchange, he would have received a promise to close the investigation of the fake newswhich is pending in the STF.

“What I talked about with Alexandre de Moraes was a pacification. I would enter with the letter and he would enter with other things – among them, in a few weeks, the filing of the inquiries of fake news and undemocratic acts. Did he accomplish something? No,” said the President of the Republic.

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