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The answer needed to be immediate. And, a few hours after the defeat to Italy, Brazil reacted in the best way possible. Against Serbia, another rival at the time, the selection of José Roberto Guimarães did not give room for a new fall in the Nilson Nelson gym, in Brasília. Firm from the beginning, the team overthrew the rival in 3 sets to 0, partial 25/21, 25/9 and 25/21.

Best moments of Serbia 0 x 3 Brazil by the Women's Volleyball Nations League

Best moments of Serbia 0 x 3 Brazil by the Women’s Volleyball Nations League

It was the last match of the selection in the second stage of the League of Nations. With three victories and one defeat in Brasília, the team remains firmly in the fight for classification to the final phase of the competition. In total, there are six triumphs and two defeats so far.

National team celebrates point against Serbia — Photo: Wander Roberto/Inovafoto/CBV

Next week, the team trains in Barueri, before heading to Bulgaria in the last stage of the classification. In Sofia, Brazil will face China, South Korea, Bulgaria and Thailand, between June 29 and July 3. See the League of Nations table.

Very poorly on the ground against Italy, Brazil built its victory this Sunday through the blockade. On Saturday, it was just five points. Against Serbia, the selection closed the match with 19 in total. Carol, with six, Kisy and Pri Daroit, with five each, were the highlights.

In the overall score, Gabi, Pri Daroit and Kisy, with 14 points, were the top scorers. Carol, 13, followed closely behind. On the other hand, Bjelica, with eight points, was the main name of a Serbia without strength.

An interesting detail in the match was the presence of players from the Italian national team in the gym. Even without a game scheduled for this Sunday, Paola Egonu and other companions insisted on watching the match between two of the main rivals in the League.

Italian national team assists Brazil and Serbia — Photo: João Gabriel Rodrigues

1st set – Firm, Brazil starts ahead

A mistake by Kisy even opened the count for the other side. But, in the need to react in the League, Brazil took to the court with another posture. It was a balanced start, it’s true. But, unlike the previous day, the selection knew how to take advantage of the chances. In Gabi’s shot, he scored 8/5 and opened the gap right away. The blockade, inoperative against the Italians, also evolved. That’s how Kisy went up to stop the Serbian attack and score 10/6.

Kisy goes up to attack in Brazil’s game against Serbia – Photo: André Coelho/FIVB

In a moment of inattention, Serbia reacted and pulled over, reducing the gap to just one point (10/9). But it was for a short time. On a touch of Bjelica’s net, the score rose to 14/10. Rivals even threatened a backlash at times. The house selection, however, remained firm. On Kisy’s block, he scored 20/16 and forwarded the win in the set. In the end, a block from Pri Daroit gave the partial final numbers: 25/21.

2nd set – Brazil tramples and extends lead

On the return to the court, Brazil accelerated. Without breaking a sweat, he soon shot up the scoreboard: after another Kisy block, 8/1. At that point, Serbia seemed powerless. In two consecutive blocks by Carol, the advantage jumped to 19/8. The selection has not slowed down. With a hit from Kisy, he widened the gap to 20/8.

Pri Daroit attacks Serbia — Photo: Wander Roberto/Inovafoto/CBV

Brazil played loose. In the frenzy of the crowd, he didn’t give the slightest chance for any reaction. Blocking was the team’s greatest weapon at that point – before the end of the partial, it was already 14 points. In the end, an ace from Carol closed the account: 9/25.

3rd set – Serbia plays hard, but Brazil closes the score

Serbia wanted to react on the return to the court. At first, he started ahead and opened 9/6. But Brazil went looking for it. In the attack out of the rivals, everything is the same on the scoreboard. The turn came when Pri Daroit blocked, opening 13/12 on the account. The game remained balanced. But, even in its worst moment, the selection remained firm.

In Diana’s block, the selection scored 17/15, and the gym exploded. Serbia even tried to stay in the fray. But, with authority, Brazil imposed itself. From then on, he no longer gave his rivals chances. In an attack by Gabi, it opened 19/16. It didn’t take long for the home team to close the score: in another shot from Gabi, 25/21.

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