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After a disappointing Olympics, beach volleyball in Brazil is starting to show signs (and good signs) that it is on a strong recovery. This Saturday, Duda and Ana Patrícia beat Heidrich and Vergé-Dépré by two sets to zero (partials of 21/19 and 21/13) and guaranteed a spot in the women’s final of the World Cup which is being played in Rome. The decision will be played against the Canadian duo Bukovec / Brandie.

Duda and Ana Patrícia can achieve the feat of having been champions in the base and now also be in the adult. Both were under-21 world champions twice and also won the Youth Olympic Games. Duda also has two under-19 world titles on his resume.

Duda and Ana Patrícia are in the final of the Beach Volleyball World Cup in Rome — Photo: FIVB

Soon after, Brazil also secured a spot in the men’s final. Vitor Felipe and Renato defeated the United States duo Schalk / Brunner by two sets to zero (partials of 21/17 and 21/19) and also stamped a spot in the decision. The final could even be 100% green and yellow, but André and George failed to surprise the reigning Olympic champions, the Norwegians Mol and Sorum. The Brazilians were overcome in 2 sets to 0, partial 21/14 and 21/18.

The World Cup is broadcast on SporTV channels and is the most important tournament for the sport after the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

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Renato and Vitor Felipe beat Americans and are in the Beach Volleyball World Cup final – Photo: FIVB

Brazil started badly in the match. The Swiss team was hunting Ana Patrícia, who couldn’t turn in the attack and still took an ace, leaving the rival to open 4 to 1. But Ana herself solved the problem with two blocks in a row, drawing 5 to 5. The game was very balanced, with Duda scoring two points in the headline to the delight of the crowd. In the defender’s ace, Brazil made it 15 x 14. Ana Patrícia rose again in the block and expanded to 16 x 14. In a serve out of Heidrich, the national duo closed the first set by 21 to 19.

Final points of Duda/Ana Patrícia (BRA) 2 x 0 Heirich/A.  Vergé-Dépré (SUI) for the Beach Volleyball World Cup

Final points of Duda/Ana Patrícia (BRA) 2 x 0 Heirich/A. Vergé-Dépré (SUI) for the Beach Volleyball World Cup

If in the first round the Brazilians had difficulty, in the second they started opening up a good lead. In Duda’s serve, the team made it 4 to 1. but this time it was Switzerland who went to get it. In consecutive pass errors by Ana Patrícia, everything was equal in 4 to 4. But it didn’t shake the duo. In another good serve by Duda, Brazil opened up three again. Duda made an excellent defense, already raising to Ana who, with category, made it 15 to 11. The Europeans got lost and missed two attacks (17 to 11). Then it was just managing to close on 21 to 13.

Renato / Vitor Felipe x Schalk / Brunner (USA)

Brazil managed to open up early in the first set with a block by Vitor Felipe The two pairs began to exchange attacks until Vitor Felipe caught Schalk again in the block. The American must have been tense because in the next ball he took another stump, but this time from Renato (14 to 11). the Brazilians remained safe and, in an attack by Vitor Felipe, closed the first half at 21 to 17.

Final points of Renato/Vitor Felipe (BRA) 2 x 0 Schalk/Brunner (USA) for the Beach Volleyball World Cup

Final points of Renato/Vitor Felipe (BRA) 2 x 0 Schalk/Brunner (USA) for the Beach Volleyball World Cup

Calm, the Brazilians returned to the second set once again well. In Renato’s ace, Brazil opened 5 to 2. But the Americans were slowly looking and Brunner tied the game by blocking Vitor Felipe (8 to 8). Schalk missed the attack and Brazil had the advantage again (10 to 8). Brunner hit the net and Brazil opened up four ahead (17 to 13). But the national duo also missed twice in a row and the advantage dropped to just one (17 to 16). The teams began to exchange points, the game was exciting, but in the decisive moment, Brazil did not miss and Vitor Felipe closed at 21 to 19.

André/George (BRA) x Mol/Sorum (NOR)

The Brazilians, current leaders in the world rankings, started the first set well, opening 5 to 2. Highlight for the positioning and ball time of André, who from the 7 initial points of Brazil scored 4 blocking. In the sequence, the Norwegians started to drop the attack over the Brazilian wall. Parallel to this, Mol began to force the serve, thus breaking the Brazilian reception. From then on, the Brazilians were unable to hold their opponents, who opened up an advantage and closed the partial at 21 to 14.

André/George (BRA) 0 x 2 Mol/Sorum (NOR) final points for the 2022 Beach Volleyball World Cup

André/George (BRA) 0 x 2 Mol/Sorum (NOR) final points for the 2022 Beach Volleyball World Cup

In the second set, the Norwegians kept up the pressure. Brazil only managed to equalize the score at 9 to 9, when the Olympic champions, in a rare moment of the game, made two mistakes, with two attacks out. Even in the face of difficulties, the Brazilians remained in the game, fighting point-to-point with Mol and Sorum.

George had in his hands some opportunities to open up two points, for example when the score was 13 to 12, but he couldn’t take advantage of the opportunities. The second set was played like this, turn by turn, without the teams distancing themselves on the scoreboard. Until, in the final stretch, Mol and Sorum opened up an advantage and managed with a block from Mol, the highlight of the match, to close the match at 21 to 18.

Brazilian clashes at the World Cup:

Women – Final (Sunday)
3pm – Duda/Ana Patricia (BRA) x Bukovec/Brandie (CAN)

Men – Final (Sunday)
16:15 – Renato/Vitor Felipe (BRA) x Mol/Sorum (NOR)

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