Brazilian Cinema Day: remember performances of outstanding songs from national cinema on ‘The Voice Kids’ | 2022

What would become of the playful romance Lisbela and the Prisoner without the remarkable voice of Caetano Veloso in “You Didn’t Teach Me to Te Forget”? How to think about productions like Elite squad, crystal moon or xica da Silva without remembering the songs of the same name that helped set the tone for each of these films?

On Sunday, June 19th, the National Film Day. The date celebrates what would have been the first record of moving images in Brazil through cinematograph technology, on June 19, 1898.

In a country with such a vibrant and creative musical expression, it is natural that many important songs have occupied an important space in feature film productions, since the cinema format allows an incredible marriage of music and image.

To celebrate the date, remember some performances of remarkable songs from national cinema in this year’s season of The Voice Kids.

Sávio and Gustavo sing 'On the Day I Left Home' in the Blind Auditions

Sávio and Gustavo sing ‘On the Day I Left Home’ in the Blind Auditions

Inspired by Zezé di Camargo & Luciano, the brothers Sávio and Gustavo sang the hit “No Dia Em Que Eu Saí de Casa” at the Blind Auditions of The Voice Kids. The song is a fundamental element of the plot of the biopic. 2 Children of Francisco (2005), directed by Breno Silveira, which took almost 5 million spectators to cinemas.

🎵 ‘Waiting at the Window’

Francine Maria sings 'Waiting at the Window' at the Blind Auditions

Francine Maria sings ‘Waiting at the Window’ at the Blind Auditions

With Regina Casé in the role of a woman who lived with three husbands, the film Me you Them (2000) featured a remarkable soundtrack.

Gilberto Gil recorded a forró album especially for the feature film, including his own songs, songs that were successful with Luiz Gonzaga and “Esperando na Janela”, which became the biggest hit of the album. The song, written by Manuca Almeida, Raimundinho do Acordeon and Targino Gondim, was defended by Francine Maria at the Blind Auditions.

Bianca Guterres sings 'Like a Wave' at the Blind Auditions

Bianca Guterres sings ‘Like a Wave’ at the Blind Auditions

Composed by Lulu Santos and lyrics by Nelson Motta, “Como Uma Onda” was written for the soundtrack of the film Garota Dourada (1984), a landmark in Brazilian youth culture in the 1980s. With a plot about the romantic adventures of surfer Valente, lived by André de Biase, the feature film featured several national pop rock hits on the soundtrack. Participant Bianca Guterres sang the hit in the Blind Auditions of The Voice Kids.

golden girl is the sequence of river boy (1981), which also served to boost another Lulu and Nelson hit, the classic “De Repente, California”.

Sara Antonybele sings 'Carcará' at the Blind Auditions

Sara Antonybele sings ‘Carcará’ at the Blind Auditions

Eternalized in the voice of Maria Bethânia, the intense “Carcará” was one of the highlights of the film’s soundtrack The Beloved (2010) in the interpretation of Zé Ramalho. Based on the play by Dias Gomes that inspired the classic novel of the same name, the feature film featured Marco Nanini as Odorico Paraguaçu.

“Carcará”, a classic by João do Valle and José Candido, was sung by Sara Antonybele at Audições à Cegas. In The Belovedthe song was the theme of Zeca Diabo, José Wilker’s character.

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