BRL 12 billion will be distributed to workers soon

Good news for workers who have a Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS): payments of around R$12 billion will be made. This entire amount corresponds to the net profit that was obtained in the year 2021. Inform yourself to know if you will also have money to receive some amount.

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The exact amount of how much will be distributed by the FGTS has not yet been defined precisely, but in November last year it was around R$12.3 billion, according to data released by Caixa Econômica Federal.

However, the distribution of these amounts will not allow the FGTS accounts to reset inflation. It is worth noting that this has not happened since 2017.

In previous years, considering the last three, the distribution of profits from the income referring to the fund were given as follows:

  • Total FGTS income with profit distribution in 2020: 4.92%, under an inflation of 4.52%;
  • Total FGTS income with profit distribution in 2019: 4.90%, under an inflation of 4.31%;
  • Total FGTS income with profit distribution in 2018: 6.18%, under an inflation of 3.75%.

In 2021, the National Consumer Price Index (INPC) recorded an inflation of 10.6%, which means that the total income of the FGTS in that year will not be able to exceed the value of inflation.

A government technician even explained that even if all the profit from the fund’s earnings is distributed among the shareholders, inflation will still beat it.

Who will benefit from the amounts that will be distributed?

It is estimated that about 90 million Brazilian workers will benefit from the amounts that will be distributed by the FGTS soon.

The amount will be granted to workers in a proportional to the amounts they left in their guarantee fund accounts as of December 31, 2021.

Caixa Econômica Federal is responsible for distributing the amounts, and the deadline for it to make this transfer is until the month of August of this year.

However, the matter must still be dealt with by the FGTS Board of Trustees to define the exact date.

This fund’s profit has not been distributed to workers since 2017, as a way to improve the shareholders’ income, so there are several groups of people who are really anxious for a forecast.

Just to make a comparison, we point out that the amount of profit distributed by the FGTS last year was around R$8.1 billion.

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