Cadastro Positivo released credit to more than 22 million people

Adherence to the Cadastro Positivo increased the number of Brazilians with access to credit. More than 22 million people have achieved the market’s trust, according to data released by Serasa. The register works as a financial curriculum for each citizen.

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Cadastro Positivo has changed the way people are being analyzed by the market. Now bills paid on time are taken into account, not just the score.

Adhesion to the Positive Registry

According to Serasa, joining the Positive Registry indicates how people have borne their financial commitments, that is, good habits add up more and more points.

Even payment history such as water, electricity and telephone bills are gaining great importance in this story, after all, this is how the market has more information to consider whether or not to release credit for each person.

It is the opportunity to build a good historic and be seen as a good payer. And the result of this is already proven by the numbers! According to a survey by Serasa, more than 22 million people had access to credit after joining the Cadastro Positivo. Is it a good idea or not?

According to the survey, this public had a score below 500 points. In other words, they didn’t spend as much safety to the market and were more likely to have their credit application disapproved, but the low score it was for lack of information and not for being late in the bills.

And Cadastro Positivo changed this scenario by making a true overview of all the financial behavior of each citizen, increasing the chances of credit approval.

The Serasa survey shows that the age group most benefited from joining the Positive Registry was people aged between 26 and 40.

The proposal of Cadastro Positivo is to allow people to obtain better rates and payment terms, as well as less bureaucracy when contracting credit. It is also a way to help people who cannot prove their income.

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