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When taking the name of the security guard in a meeting, Martha makes Leonardo (Ícaro Silva) nervous:

“I totally object. It doesn’t make any sense,” he says.

In ‘Cara e Coragem’, Leonardo (Ícaro Silva) is nervous about the possible return of Ítalo (Paulo Lessa) to SG — Photo: TV Globo

But Martha doesn’t back down.

“Leonardo, I’m not making an appointment: I’m including a professional in the security system. Your sister trusted him.”

Alone with Leo, Martha confronts her son and makes it clear that she doesn’t like Regina (Mel Lisboa).

It’s not today that the matriarch has a schism over the employee, who is Leo’s lover. Review the scene.

Martha badmouths Regina to Leonardo

Martha badmouths Regina to Leonardo

“First, I didn’t like having my order questioned in front of the staff. Second, what’s the problem with hiring the guy?”

“Clarice also fired Regina, and you were the first to ask her to stay. So this argument doesn’t mean much to you.”

Understand why Clarice fired Regina in the video below.

Regina tells Leonardo that she was fired

Regina tells Leonardo that she was fired

“Regina seems to occupy a larger space than the position she occupies. You give this girl too much authority and I don’t like that”, concludes the current president of the SG.

Will Leo protect his lover or will it be the end of Regina at SG?

The scenes will air in this Monday’s chapter, 6/20, of Cara e Courage

20 June


Anita leaves the bar, and Samuel follows. Andréa Pratini insinuates herself to Moa. Anita manages to hide from Samuel. Danilo invites Bob to work for him. Moa is annoyed by Rico’s joke about Pat’s jealousy. Leonardo thinks of a strategy to approach the stunt couple. Martha comments to Vini about her distrust of Regina. Leonardo opposes Martha’s request about Ítalo’s return as security for the company. Pat doesn’t let Moa talk about his meeting with Andrea. Moa, Rico and Pat invite Ítalo to join the society of Courage.com. Investigator Paulo looks for Samuel. Ítalo is called to a meeting at the SG. Anita burns Clarice’s business card that she finds kept with other objects.

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