Carlinhos Maia dismisses employees and goes to SP, ‘Mudar’!

Carlinhos Maia laid off his entire staff in Maceió and moved to São Paulo. The dismissal of the collaborators and the change of the influencer happened after the breach of trust in the team caused by the robbery in his apartment at the end of May.

Days after the robbery, journalist Leo Dias discovered that only five people, in addition to Lucas Guimarães, had access to the influencer’s home security password: the famous’s businesswoman, two domestic workers and two security guards who have been working with him since the beginning of your career on the internet.


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Although the perpetrators of the crime have been arrested, the Alagoas Police continue to investigate possible masterminds. Everything suggests that one or several people close to the couple participated in the crime, since the bandits knew where they had valuables.

remember the case

On the last Sunday of May (29/5), the apartment of Carlinhos Maia and Lucas Guimarães was invaded in Maceió (AL). More than R$ 5 million in valuables were taken by the bandits. A few days later, the Alagoas Police in collaboration with the Paraíba Police found the suspects in the city of Campina Grande, in Paraíba.

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