Colleague of dead Mexican actors charges Netflix: “There’s blood on their hands”

Writer Rick Zazueta has accused production company Redrum and Netflix of being responsible for the deaths of actors Raymundo Garduño Cruz and Juan Francisco González Aguilar. The two died in a van accident in Mexico, on Thursday (18/6), during the recording of the series Chosen, an exclusive production of the streaming service.

“Their deaths are a tragedy not only because of the theft of these talents, but mainly because these deaths have culprits,” he began.

“The actors can’t stop complaining about how poorly they’re being treated specifically in terms of transportation and logistics… slick tire dashboards, tired, overworked drivers — the actors being hauled around like cattle to save a few pesos,” the writer said in a statement. a post on social media,” he continued, citing the streaming giant next. “Netflix also has blood on its hands, the multi-billion company has chosen to work outside the actors’ union.”

So far, Netflix has not commented on the tragedy.


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