Did you know? Marcos Palmeira, known as José Lencio from Pantanal, nephew of a famous actor

Jos Lencio (Marcos Palmeira) in Pantanal (photo: Globo/Joo Miguel Jnior)

Marcos Palmeira the protagonist of the new version of wetland. the actor lives José Lencio in the plot by Bruno Luperi, currently shown by Globo.

In addition to being cast in the remake, the actor was also in the soap opera da Manchete, aired in 1990. On that occasion, he played Thaddeustoday the role of Jos Loreto.

The veteran has one of his best TV moments. However, he has already stood out in many productions, with several prominent characters.

A renowned actor, Palmeira comes from a family of artists. He filmmaker’s son Zelito Vianaone of the most revered in the country, partner of Glauber Rocha, who was one of the greatest professionals in Cinema.

Jove (Jesuta Barbosa) and Jos Lencio (Marcos Palmeira) in Pantanal (photo: photo:)

famous actor’s nephew

Few people know, but Marcos Palmeira nephew of Chico Anysio. The talented comedian, one of the greatest in Brazil, was Zelito’s brother. To give you an idea, the actor debuted on TV in one of the veteran’s programs.

Chico appeared in several works in the Globe. He passed away in 2012, aged 80. Marcos often honors his uncle on his social media. ‘I owe my acting life to him. Chico was my biggest critic, my biggest faith, my biggest idol’said in an interview.

Chico Anysio at Professor Raimundo’s School (photo: photo:)

Relative of Chico, Marcos Palmeira, cousin of actors Bruno Mazzeo and Nizo Neto. On the other hand, the family also includes director Cininha de Paula, mother of actress Maria Maya.

To complete, Jos Lencio from Pantanal was married to the director Amora Mautner. It was she who convinced the actor to star in the soap opera Cama de Gato, shown in 2009.

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