Discover Olivia’s Surprising Ending in Beyond Illusion


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Beyond the Illusion enters its second and final phase. And not to lose the habit, the column reveals everything that will happen in the next chapters of the soap opera by Alessandra Poggi.

In scenes that are scheduled to air next week on Beyond the Illusion, Olivia (Débora Ozório) will be shocked to discover that she is the lost daughter of Heloísa (Paloma Duarte).Me, daughter of Dona Heloísa!”, says the young woman in conversation with Tenório (Jayme Matarazzo).Heiress to part of this farm, niece of the factory owner. You can use this to help the workers, Olivia. Life is giving you a gift. And he has yet another mother.” will report the religious caressing his beloved.

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Dona Heloísa… So kind, so understanding. She always rooted for us. What do I have to do now, tell me?”, will question Olivia being answered by Tenório. Now you have to go there and talk to her. This woman has been looking for the daughter that was stolen from her for 24 years. she deserves a hug”, concludes the ex-priest about to witness the reunion between mother and daughter.

Olivia’s end

After discovering the whole truth related to her past, Olivia will assume her love for Tenório, who will adopt two children alongside his beloved. But before that, Matias’ daughter (Antonio Calloni) will be shot in the abdomen while leading a march against the dictatorship. After being operated on in the emergency room of Campos, the young woman will receive a blood donation from an unexpected donor that will save her life.

Olivia (Débora Ozório) from Beyond the Illusion

Beyond Illusion is created and written by Alessandra Poggi, with artistic direction by Luiz Henrique Rios. The work is written with Adriana Chevalier, Letícia Mey, Flávio Marinho and Rita Lemgruber. The general direction of Luís Felipe Sá and direction of Tande Bressane, Jeferson De and Joana Clark. The production is by Mauricio Quaresma and the genre direction is by José Luiz Villamarim.

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