Does washing fruits and vegetables make them less nutritious?

We always hear that cleaning fruits and vegetables is very important for controlling illnesses, and indeed it is. After all, there may be contamination of the bark by insecticides for crops, in addition to bacteria, viruses and fungi that accumulate during transport. However, will washing the fruits removes the nutrients?

If this is also your question, understand here the possible implications of cleaning these vegetables.

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Fruits retain nutrients

First of all, it is important to know that the nutrients in fruits remain for a long time, even after they are not on the tree. Similarly, washing the rind has no effect on the loss of nutrients. On the contrary, the process makes them healthier by cleaning some impurities.

Even not washing vegetables can be a major factor that leads to the development of diseases, especially infectious and viral ones. Not to mention the risk of developing worms and other conditions caused by parasites due to poor hygiene before consumption.

Therefore, health authorities always recommend that people do the proper preparation of food before serving, especially those that are natural. For this, you can use specific products, such as bleach, in small amounts, or sodium hypochlorite, which is the most viable choice when cleaning. In addition, the use of running water is essential for effective washing.

Cut fruit should not be washed

On the other hand, there is indeed a certain influence on the loss of nutritional value in case of washing cut fruits. Therefore, it is recommended not to buy fruits that are already cut on the market, as contamination can occur, while washing reduces the amount of nutrients.

In the same way, when we buy whole fruits or remove them from the tree, we must wash them while they are still with the skin, and then cut them. It is also worth noting that fruit in pieces do not lose nutrients and that this can be a practical way to store them.

On the other hand, once cut, the ideal is not to wash the fruit and just consume it.

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