Felipe Araújo pays tribute to Cristiano Araújo and Marília Mendonça at São João de Campina Grande: ‘we will never forget’ | Saint John 2022 in Paraíba

Softly, Felipe Araújo returned to São João de Campina Grande on Saturday night (18). And that’s how the sertanejo hit the hearts of those who were in his show. With the fans, it was as affectionate as it is intense to sing love in the form of a song. On stage, he was not alone. He shared not only the space, but the public’s affection in memory of his brother, Cristiano Araújo, and his friend Marília Mendonça.

Cristiano died, aged 29, in a car accident in 2015. Marília, on the other hand, died during a plane crash, aged 26, in 2021.

“I’m going to sing some songs from someone who is part of my life and who would really like to see me singing here today”, he announced seconds before interpreting a sequence of his brother’s hits, such as “Você Mudou”, “Caso indefinite” and “Who knows”.

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Felipe Araújo in show at São João 2022 in Campina Grande — Photo: Iara Alves / g1 PB

No tears fell from Felipe’s eyes. But they were not necessary to express the emotion he felt at that moment, which gained thousands of other voices that praised the singer’s brother from Goiás in a unique song.

“Cristiano, Cristiano, Cristiano”, was the song that shook the structures of Parque do Povo, the place where the June festival takes place.

“What we have forever is Cristiano. I promised myself that as long as I had life, as long as I had a voice, I would not let people forget who Cristiano Araújo was, who Cristiano Araújo is and who he will continue to be. I’m sure he is here in the hearts of each of you”, he said, paraphrasing his older brother, before showing once again how generous he is, this time with the memories of what he lived with Marília Mendonça.

“A great friend that life gave me. One of the greatest talents I have ever met in my entire life.” After saying that, Felipe didn’t need to say who he was referring to. The tune took over the place, as well as the shiver of those who felt how beautiful what was happening was.

“On the last meeting with my brother, we were listening to her song [Marília]. That she had done and he was going to record it, but that he didn’t have time to sing and release it,” she recalled her before performing “Whose fault is it?” and in the sequence “Forget me if you are able”, the most recent work released by Marília before her death.

It was clear that Felipe, at that moment, was not singing alone and only for him. But also for two other talents, who left, but left legacies perpetuated in the art they made.

Felipe Araújo at a show at São João 2022 in Campina Grande — Photo: Iara Alves / g1

Unsurprisingly, Felipe Araújo’s repertoire is full of romanticism. This is not only the brand, but the essence of it.

It is precisely this way that is capable of attracting tens of thousands of people to listen to it. Of different ages, gender or any other distinction, everyone was united through admiration for the Goiano.

It was as if arrows brushed with affection were being shot back and forth. On stage, he was touched by the kindness of the fans. On the other hand, she was the audience that received all the attention it deserved, including the gesture of the heart formed by the singer’s hands and even with the right to towels thrown by him, especially for the younger audience.

From the middle to the end of the presentation, Felipe also gave his name with the famous viral tik tok dances. And he ended the show with some other songs of his that were very successful, like “Atrasadinha”, recorded in partnership with Ferrugem.

Ton Oliveira at São João 2022 in Campina Grande — Photo: Daniel Galdino

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It is practically impossible for a Northeasterner to hear Ton Oliveira’s music and not recognize himself.

Based on the daily life of the Northeast, the artist puts the whole audience to dance. For this, the fans make no effort. After all, it’s really hard to stay still with the singer’s rhythm.

Fabrício Rodrigues at São João 2022 in Campina Grande — Photo: Daniel Galdino

Fabricio Rodrigues records DVD in São João de Campina Grande

Born in Teixeira, Fabrício Rodrigues chose São João de Campina Grande as the stage for the recording of the second DVD.

For the audience, he provided a mix of rhythms. The arrocha, of course, was not lacking. But there was also sertanejo and forró pé-de-serra.

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