Fiat’s new HR-V SUV: 5 launches worth waiting to buy a car – 06/19/2022

The year still has great launches in store, so don’t buy a car before seeing this list prepared by UOL Cars.

We separate the five national cars that are worth waiting for, even if the wait is a little longer.

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New Honda HR-V

Honda HR-V 2023 - Jorge Moraes - Jorge Moraes
Image: Jorge Moraes

The launch of the new generation of the SUV is scheduled for August. According to information already leaked, the 1.5 engine (up to 126 hp and 15.8 kgfm) is confirmed for the cheaper variants, while the more expensive ones will come with the 1.5 turbo, which yielded 182 hp and 24.5 kgfm of torque in the previous one, however, it should have changes after turning flex. Gone is the old 1.8 with up to 140 hp and 17.3 kgfm. The loss of performance is perhaps a slightly negative point, but this can only be attested after the impressions when driving.

However, you can already know what the HR-V has to fight for the top sales positions among SUVs. The design became more daring, with emphasis on the more vertical front. The roof is less arched, something that took away some of the coupe air of the predecessor.

The length is basically the same: 4.30 meters, against 4.29 m before, while the wheelbase remained at 2.61 m. If you want a bigger utility, you’ll have to wait for the ZR-V.

Fiat Fastback

Fiat confirmed Fastback name, but no official image - Fiat/Disclosure - Fiat/Disclosure

Fiat confirmed Fastback name, but no official image

Image: Fiat/Disclosure

Want a Volkswagen Nivus? Wait a minute, and I mean very little. The Fiat Fastback will be launched by the middle of the second semester and has everything to be a beautiful rival. Starting with the bodywork. Unlike the Pulse, which has retained much of the Argo in its build, the new SUV coupe is expected to stand back visually, keeping the similarity only on the front.

While the Fastback concept was built on the Toro pickup, the new production model is based on the Argo, Cronos and Pulse platform.

The Fastback will have the same engines as the Pulse: the current 1.0 turbo (130/125 hp and 20.4 kgfm) and also the 1.3 turbo, which will be applied first to the Pulse Abarth and generates 185 hp and 27.5 kgfm. The Nivus doesn’t have the option of the 1.4 TSI of the Polo and Virtus GTS, which would be a way to compete on equal terms in performance.

New Volkswagen European Polo - Volkswagen/Disclosure - Volkswagen/Disclosure

New European Volkswagen Polo may have changes in Brazil

Image: Volkswagen/Disclosure

Volkswagen Polo renewed

Perhaps the revamped Volkswagen Polo will not reach the point of style change from the European. The Track entry version should not go through the restyling, according to Autos Segredos. In turn, it is unknown whether the rear will have the same horizontal taillights as its overseas cousin.

In addition to the stylistic reform, the hatch and sedan Virtus will have improvements in the 1.0 TSI and 1.4 TSI engines, restricted to the GTS. The big news will be the adoption of the up’s 1.0 TSI engine, with 105 hp and the promise of being one of the most economical cars in the country.

New Chevrolet Montana 2023 - Reproduction/Chevrolet - Reproduction/Chevrolet

New Chevrolet Montana will be launched in January 2023

Image: Reproduction/Chevrolet

Chevrolet Montana

According to Autos Segredos, the commercial launch of the new Chevrolet Montana will only be in January 2023, but we can already expect a revelation in the second half of the year.

The small-medium pickup will struggle with the Fiat Toro, though their cheaper versions might annoy even the more expensive Stradas. We still don’t have the length and wheelbase, but you can expect something above 4.80 meters.

What we know that the engine will always be the 1.2 turbo (up to 133 hp and 21.4 kgfm), with a choice of manual or automatic six-speed gearbox. The panel will be integrated with the multimedia center, but don’t expect a digital frame, according to the UOL Cars.

New BMW 3 Series - BMW/Disclosure - BMW/Disclosure

New BMW 3 Series arrives in 2022

Image: BMW/Disclosure

BMW 3 Series

A common sight in wealthy neighborhoods and cities, the renewed BMW 3 Series will be manufactured in Brazil in 2022, according to a source linked to the manufacturer. Leader in the premium market, the sedan is styled with more aggressive headlights and bumper. The instrument panel is now 14.9 inches and integrates with the 12.3-inch multimedia.

It is not yet known whether the 48-volt mild hybrid system will be adopted across the entire range, something applied in Europe, given that the hybrid configurations (and the most powerful) are imported. Around here, the already sharp 320i should continue to rule.

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