Fintech arrives in Brazil offering credit to customers without a card

Newly arrived in Brazil, the startup Sezzle emerges as another payment option in installments. The proposal is to serve mainly small and medium-sized companies (SMEs). The company is American and has gained fame for releasing interest-free installments for those who do not have a card or have a low limit.

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THE startup was founded in 2016 and is already highly recognized in the United States, Canada and Europe. In addition to arriving as another option for purchase, Sezzle offers more time to pay. The startup now has more than 10 million active customers.

Sezzle in Brazil

Sezzle is already one of the biggest “buy now, pay later” (BNPL) platforms, that is, “buy now, pay later”. With its arrival in Brazil, the startup hopes to make life easier for consumers and also for shopkeepers.

It allows the payment of bills in up to four interest-free installments. The big difference is that the customer who pays with Sezzle does not use the credit limit, since it is not even necessary to have a card.

In addition, the company also allows the reschedule payment without any additional charge. For example: if the customer is unable to pay the installment, he can request the postponement to a new date.

For shopkeepers, despite the possibility of payment in installments, they receive the purchase amount in one go and the next day, without risk of default.

According to Sezzle, other advantages are support in promotional actions and access to the public without credit. This is because the platform is an option for customers who do not have money for the purchase or that you do not have a payment method available.

Sezzle’s forecast in Brazil is to reach around 300 retailers in the first year, with 30,000 transactions and at least 10,000 users.

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