Gasoline can exceed R$8 at DF stations

posted on 06/18/2022 15:04

  (credit: Minervino Júnior/CB/DA Press)

(credit: Minervino Júnior/CB/DA Press)

Drivers in the Federal District may be scared by the prices of regular gasoline at gas stations in the city, this Saturday (18/6). After the new adjustment announced by Petrobras, the liter can exceed R$8 in the federal capital. According to the provisions of the adjustment, the liter of gasoline can be up to R$0.20 more expensive. In the case of diesel, the increase is up to R$0.70.

The announcement of the increase was made on the morning of this Friday (17/6). The state-owned company said it has not increased the price of gasoline for 99 days and diesel for 39. “The average selling price of gasoline from Petrobras to distributors will go from R$3.86 to R$4.06 per liter”. According to Petrobras, the last adjustment took place on March 11. Already diesel, after 39 days without change, “will go from R$ 4.91 to R$ 5.61 per liter. The last adjustment took place on May 10”.

As verified in the Correio, by the Waze platform, until last Thursday (18/6), the value of regular gasoline ranged from R$7.49 to R$7.76. Some places, such as the Shell gas station, in São Sebastião, kept the liter low this Saturday: regular gasoline was at R$7.49, while the additive was at R$7.93.

holiday meeting

The Petrobras Board gave the green light to readjust the price of diesel this Thursday (16/6), when the board of the state-owned company authorized, in a meeting of almost three hours, on the holiday, a new increase in the price of diesel. According to data from the Brazilian Association of Fuel Importers (Abicom), the lag in the price of diesel is 18%, which is equivalent to R$ 1.08. Gasoline also registers a 14% lag in value, in the order of R$ 0.67. The meeting that authorized the increase was scheduled to take place on June 29, but was hastily brought forward to this Thursday (16).

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