Girlfriend of Joo Guilherme, son of Fausto, squanders fit body by wearing leopard bikini – Famous

Schynaider Moura (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram) (Photo: Reproduction / Internet)

Joo Guilherme Silvason of faustis enjoying sunny days in Trancoso, Bahia, with his girlfriend, Schynaider Moura. through the Instagrameven the model drew attention by sharing a beautiful photo in which she appears wearing a leopard bikini.

In the record, Schynaider posed sitting on a bed in the middle of nature, exuding beauty and also her body in shape. In the post’s caption, she used some emojis and hashtags like #trancoso #bahia #mood #weekendvibes.

In another photo, published this Friday afternoon (17), the model appears seated next to Joo Guilherme Silva. This time, she posed all stylish in a pink bikini. In the image, Fausto’s son appears lying down and smiling, wearing printed shorts and a black t-shirt.

‘my baby’, he wrote in the comments of the post. on the social network, the couple was also highly praised by fans and friends. ‘Pretty’commented Elisa Zarzur Maluf, girlfriend of Alexandre Negro. ‘Lovely couple’pointed out another friend. ‘Wonderful’wrote another follower.

Schynaider Moura (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram) (photo: photo:)
Schynaider Moura with Joo Guilherme Silva (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram) (photo: photo:)

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