Gustavo Mioto invites fan to show after ex rips her ticket out of jealousy

The singer Gustavo Mioto met a fan in an unusual way last Friday night (17), just before a show he would do in Uberaba, in the Triângulo Mineiro.

The sertanejo received a ticket request by direct message on Instagram from Rafaela Maia, a fan who was prevented by her ex from going to the presentation last night. According to the woman, her former boyfriend tore the ticket out of jealousy.

On Twitter, the fan explained the case and said that it was already the day of the show and that she could only remember her ex’s attitude. Then, she warned the singer through social media. “It’s already Friday […] and I can only remember my invitation that my ex tore preventing me from seeing you. Help me in that hug there”, said the tweet that marked Gustavo Mioto.

As other fans were not understanding the situation, Gustavo Mioto himself explained the case on Twitter. “Her ex tore her ticket in a fight. He stayed at home, and she with me. Big hug to the ex there”, said the sertanejo.

After the episode, Rafaela’s ex became the butt of jokes and even a meme on social media. Below, some of the posts from fans of singer Gustavo Mioto.

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