Hospital confirms discharge after family announces death

Gui Pagnoncelli’s official Instagram profile announced the death of the digital influencer at the age of 32, but the information was not confirmed by the press office of the Teresa De Lisieux hospital, located in Salvador.

The influencer, who treats stomach cancer, was hospitalized at the site according to a post made yesterday on the social network. Teresa De Lisieux’s team in the capital of Bahia states that he was treated at another hospital this afternoon, but has since been discharged.

“The hospital informs that there was no care for the patient Gui Pagnoncelli at the Teresa de Lisieux Hospital, in Salvador (BA). communicated.

Official profile of Gui Pagnoncelli announced the death of the influencer - Reproduction / Instagram - Reproduction / Instagram

Official profile of Gui Pagnoncelli announced the death of the influencer

Image: Playback/Instagram

According to the text published on Gui’s profile on Instagram, the influencer would have died today at 10:18 am. “He fought with all his strength, but God’s plans were different,” lamented the message.

Gui’s profile has more than 500,000 followers on the social network. He often shares information about his cancer treatment with fans.

The message also asks followers to download an app to get information about the wake and causes of death. The availability of the link in the stories generated questions from fans on Twitter.

splash seeks contact with Gui Pagnoncelli’s family. The report will be updated if family members officially position themselves on the post.

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